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Playing games, keeping fit, exploring our region, supporting the community and socializing together are how we make new friends! Below are descriptions of the ways you - and in some cases your spouse or significant other - can benefit from your Newcomers membership.

Book Discussion
4th Monday, 10:15 am

Lively discussion! Good reads! Wonderful company!  The listing of books is published in the Forms and Documents section of Member Central.  Many members go out for lunch afterward at a location determined at the time.  Back to Top

1st & 3rd Monday, 1:00 pm

We play a social bridge game.  We are all still learning, and we are friendly and help each other. Novice and experienced players invited.  When we don't have multiples of 4 registered to play, we take turns and make it work   Back to Top

1st Saturday, 6:30 pm

Bunco is a fun and easy to learn a dice game involving 100% luck and simple rules. Held in the home of a member, the number of players is determined by the hostess. Play is at tables of four, changing partners and opponents as you move from table to table. Guests bring an appetizer or dessert to share as well as their own beverage and glassware. Prizes are awarded, funded by a $5 contribution from each person. Spouses and significant others are encouraged to participate and usually comprise about 1/3 of our players.  Back to Top

2nd & 4th Friday, 11:00 am (for experienced players)

Canasta is a fairly simple card game played with partners randomly selected for the day’s play. Two rounds of three games each are played. Play begins promptly at 11:00 and goes to 2:30 – 3:00. You must be available for the full time. $3 per person goes into a kitty and is distributed to the winning and losing teams for the day. Lunch is ordered from the restaurant menu and individuals pay their own bill onsite.  The second Friday and fourth Friday sessions are for experienced players only.   Lessons are provided for those who want to play with the group.   Back to Top

Casual Lunch-In
1st Thursday, 11:30 am

This popular activity is a great way to meet your fellow Newcomers in a relaxed and fun way. Each month a member opens her home to host a seated luncheon. The number of members is determined by the hostess. Lunch normally consists of appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts and wine provided by members.  Members designate what they will bring.  If not bringing a food item, they provide $20. If all spaces are filled, you can register for the the wait list. The monetary contribution goes for the final luncheon of the year when the activity leaders "cook up" a luncheon to thank our monthly hostesses and those who have been our most faithful chefs.  Back to Top

Fun & Fitness
First and third Friday, time and location vary

Fun & Fitness provides opportunities for interested Newcomers to get together to cycle, kayak, walk, bowl, and explore other physical activities offered in the Beaches area. Be certain to check the Fun & Fitness checkbox under Group Participation in My Profile on Member Central to receive the email announcements of all the activities.  Back to Top

Happy Hour Out
Last Thursday

Happy Hour Out is held at various local restaurants that feature Happy Hour drinks and menus. The time varies based on the timing of Happy Hour at the restaurant. This is a casual activity, a great way for us to get to know one another.  Spouses and significant others are encouraged to participate. The restaurants ask for an accurate count so registration is needed.  Back to Top

Ladies Adventure
Date and time vary

Ladies Adventure consists of special activities that are planned based on interests identified by the membership and are more of a “one-time” activity versus an on-going activity. Activities might include: outdoor activities, sports activities, museum visits, home tours, specialized tours, etc. Any member may suggest an activity to the activity leader. "Adventures" are scheduled based on activity availability, normally once every 6 weeks or so.  Back to Top

Ladies Dinner Out
2nd or 3rd Thursday, 6:30 pm

Ladies Dinner Out is held at various local restaurants. This activity provides members with the opportunity to enjoy dinner and a night out at new / local places with other members in a casual atmosphere. Enjoy a lovely meal and a night out with new friends!  Back to Top

Ladies Lunch Out
3rd Wednesday, 11:30 am

Ladies Lunch Out is held at various local restaurants. This activity provides members the opportunity to enjoy lunch at new / local places with other members in a casual atmosphere.  Back to Top

Mah Jongg
1st and 3rd Tuesday, 1:00 pm

Mah Jongg is a game that originated in China and is played with tiles in groups of 3 or 4.  We play National Mah Jongg League rules.  This activity is for experienced players only.  There is a $3.00 limit on losses and a $2.00 charge to cover the cost of the facility.  If you are interested in learning, you may want to contact the University of North Florida Continuing Education program which periodically offers classes.  If there is enough interest within Newcomers, a 4 week teaching class for Newcomers members may be offered at the beginning of the calendar year.   Back to Top

Movie Day
3rd Thursday, time varies

Join in for early afternoon movies.  Open to spouses and friends.  We use the Regal Theater on Beach Blvd.  Back to Top

New Member Orientation
Date and time vary

New member orientations are held as needed, once every 2-3 months.  Their purpose is to welcome new members, give them an opportunity to meet one another, and acquaint them with the club, its by-laws, and the myriad of activities.  Normally the club president or other board member(s) are also invited to welcome the new members. Back To Top

1st Wednesday, 1:30 pm

Pinochle is a relatively simple card game played with 3 players or 4 players.  We welcome both experienced and new players.   Singles and couples are invited.  We play in a member's home and simple snacks are provided by the hostess.  Back to Top

Date and time vary

Socials are not a monthly event.  Rather, they are two separate events that typically take place at the end of the calendar year and in the spring.  Spouses and significant others are included.  Information is sent out to club members after the board has approved the date. Back to Top

Special Outings
Date and time vary

Special Outings are designed specifically to include spouses and significant others. These are periodic one-time events that are planned based on local venues and membership interest. Special Outings may be tours of local attractions (e.g., Fort Matanzas National Monument or the Museum of Science and History) or outings to entertainment venues (e.g., Alhambra Dinner Theatre or the Comedy Zone).  Back to Top

Date and time vary

Volunteering Activity is an opportunity for members to give back to their community by joining other members as they give their time and perhaps more to local charity organizations.  A different local volunteering opportunity is highlighted each month for our members. Back to Top

Wine Social
4th Sunday, 5:00—7:00 pm

Wine Socials are popular events where friends, new and old, enjoy a casual evening in the home or residents' club of a member.  A great way for us to get to know one another.  Spouses and significant others are encouraged to participate.  Guests bring an appetizer or dessert to share and provide their own bottle of wine or choice of beverage and glassware.  Back to Top

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