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Newcomers of the Beaches was formed to give women an opportunity to meet and become acquainted with others while finding their permanent place in the community. We are a social club and our motto is "Happiness is Making New Friends" with a big emphasis on having fun! We host a number of activities and events each month so members can meet one another and form new friendships. We are busiest from September to June but also have a few activities that continue during the summer. Most of our activities are just for women so it does not matter whether you are married or single. Some activities include guests, and you may bring a significant other. Currently, our club has approximately 255 members. Back to Top


Newcomers is open to residents of Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and adjacent areas (such as Nocatee, and Intracoastal West) who have moved here within the past two years, or who have had a lifestyle change (retired, widowed, divorced) within the past two years.   Members must have a personal email address in order for us to contact them and must be able to register for activities using a smart phone, tablet or computer.  You may be a member of our club for as long as your dues are current.  If you have questions about eligibility, please click "Contact us" in the menu bar above to contact the membership chairman.  

CLUB BOUNDARIES Please see the Boundary Map

EAST:  A1A from Guana River Road (South entrance of GTM; North to Rt 116 in Hanna Park (Atlantic Beach)

NORTH: Rt 116 from A1A on the East to Rt 295 on the West

WEST: The Western boundary runs from 116 and 295 South to Atlantic Blve; it then jogs East across Atlantic Blvd (Rt 10) to Hodges; it follows Hodges South to Beach Blvd (Rt 90), where it goes West again on Beach to 295.  It follows 295 South until it meets 9B to US 1 (Phillips Hwy)

SOUTH:  The Southern Boundary is Rt 1 and Pine Island Road, East to A1A.  Please note, this excludes Panencia.

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Dues are $35 for a membership year that runs July 1 to June 30.  If you join as a new member between April 1 and June 30, your $35 dues will cover your membership through June 30 of the following year. Your dues should be paid each year by July 1, the first day of the membership year, to prevent your name from being dropped from the membership directory. Back to Top

Try Before You Join

Get to know us by attending our Monthly Luncheon.  A prospective member is welcome to attend two Monthly Luncheons  before becoming a member.  For more information about the Monthly Luncheons click here.  Prospective members may make a reservation for the next Monthly Luncheon by returning to the Home page and looking for the box labeled "Monthly Luncheon Reservation." Note:  You must be a member to participate in any other club activity. Back to Top

New Member Orientation

New member orientations are organized by the Membership Officer and held as needed, once every 2-3 months.  The orientation is usually a casual coffee with the purpose of providing a welcome to new members, giving them an opportunity to meet other new members and board members and acquainting new members with the myriad of activities provided by the club. In addition, the new members may ask questions of the Membership Officer or others in attendance about the club’s by-laws, policies, practices, and events.  New Member coffees can be held in the Membership Officer’s home, another member’s home, or a venue such as a clubhouse, etc. Usually, the club president and available board member(s) are also invited to welcome the new members. Back to Top


Each month Newcomers hosts many fun activities for its members. They are the basis for how we meet one another and form new friendships.  See our current list of activities by clicking here.  After becoming a member, you are welcome to attend any club activity.  You choose how much or how little you want to participate by clicking on "groups" when you complete your membership application.

Anyone in the club may propose a new activity. What we are able to offer varies each year based upon members' interests and willingness to lead activities.  The number of activities we offer is limited only by the number of people who are willing to volunteer their time. Adding new activities keeps the club vibrant and interesting. Back to Top


Our club is governed by bylaws and a board of directors.  All of our club positions are filled by volunteers who love the club enough to donate their time and energy. In addition to attending activities, the best way to make new friends is to volunteer to help within the club.  Each spring, we begin soliciting new leadership and activity volunteers.  Check out the possibilities and join in!  

All dues and fees collected from our members are spent to run the business of the club and its activities. No individual may derive a personal financial benefit from their participation in the club. Back to Top


We are strictly a social club with members who enjoy making new friends.  However, we enjoy our privacy too.  The club's membership directory is for club use only.  This information may not be used in any way to promote, network, solicit or advertise a member's business, or the business of family or friends, for personal advantage or financial gain.  The club membership information may not be used for political or religious purposes.  We ask that members and their guests refrain from any type of solicitation at club sponsored events, in any club publication or via email or other media. Back to Top

Click here to read about our Monthly Luncheons

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Newcomers of the Beaches P.O. Box 2421, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl 32004

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